Hurry Up And Wait

“Hurry up and wait,” “fixin’ to get ready,” “maybe tomorrow.” If you’re in the creative arts, you are all too familiar with these phrases. They roll off the tongue and embed themselves in our day to day dreams.

Be organized, be prepared, be ready to take advantage of the moment when it presents itself. That’s the lifeline we hang onto, a recycle after every success and especially, failure. That’s part of how we fool ourselves, motivate ourselves and most importantly, protect forward momentum.

Today’s version of that? A most anticipated weekend video shoot. We have organized the creative crew, learned how and then wrote a script, secured the location, melded ridiculously divergent schedules and rented the big crew cabin that sleeps ten. It’s the same cabin in which we are hold up now, waiting for the rains that we forgot to cancel to move through.

The script calls for one scene indoors and the rest of the song? Of course, outside!! The song lyrics call for late winter- early spring. This weekend’s date is a needle threading perfectly between the winter fields still looking sparse, but now sparse against the back drop of spring Daffodils and Lillie’s. It’s the weekend in which “everyone can do it” and just before a mad dash northward for the band heading to upstate New York.

Who knows, maybe the rain delay will add a mystic quality to the cemetery scenes or a majestic quality to the mountain backdrop. Right now though, it just adds that same ole’ “hurry up and wait,” “fixin’ to get ready,” “maybe tomorrow” vibe that is the blessing and curse of all creative endeavors.

Mark Elliott – Runaway Home
It’s the music that makes us smile”



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