Oklahoma 1941

September 13, 2014

My father died today.  I have lost my compass and the band has lost its #1 fan.  My lips can form the words, but the words are too sad to leave my mouth.  For now I’ll have to share my dad in the song I wrote for him.

Oklahoma 1941
Born in the middle of a prairie wind
In the shadow of oil and Indians
Oklahoma 1941
Boom and bust was the town motto
Rich and poor round it goes
The dust bowl hung like a big halo
Coverin’ up the sun

Hurry mama down to the cellar
I can hear that twister in the sky
Hush now child quit your cryin’
It’s only the Santa Fe rolling by
This time

Across the tracks where the barley grew
Stood a prison camp from world war two
German soldiers in our own backyard
Dime bread and quarter gas
Ration cards instead of cash
We were Baptist born democrats
And we took it straight to heart

Sunday morning ride through the country
The sulphur springs and the red clay hills
Burned like sundown on my memory
And I guess it always will

Now the rigs have all rusted the fields have gone dry
But that good life I trusted will be mine by and by
By and by

Born in the middle of a prairie wind
In the shadow of oil and Indians
Oklahoma 1941

Click here for a link to the song video

Mark Elliott
“Its the Music That Makes Us Smile”



One Reply to “Oklahoma 1941”

  1. Mark,

    Truly my heart aches for you and your Mom and every one who was fortunate enough to know your dad.

    Always enjoyed watching him beam with pride while you were singing….had that pleasure several times when I heard your band play. (I’m a friend of Jim Moran’s). I emailed Jim about 2 weeks ago and said “see if Mark and his parents could meet us for dinner–I would like to buy this time”. And I wanted Courtney and Phyllis (and you too of course) to know how much I (and family) appreciate your blog. One recent entry regarding the kitchen table made my 80 year old Mother’s eyes fill with tears and later I heard her reading it to her 90 year old sister over the phone.

    You and your family are in my prayers.


    Ann Isaacs Sent from my iPad



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