It Comes A little At A Time & All At Once

Seasons, diapers, politics, fads, waistlines, hair lines, time zones, tempos, minds, hearts, the weather, girlfriends, boyfriends, twitter trends, the Arctic sea ice pack, gas prices, clothes, caterpillars, leaves, what your kid loves, what your kid hates, shoe size, the thickness of your glasses,  Honey-do lists, coastlines, talking points, height, weight, luck, fate, time, jobs, plot lines, radio dials, heads of state, state of affairs, batteries in smoke detectors, excuses, constancy, heroes, villains, spring up, fall back, accents, hometowns, old main streets, mom and pop shops, circumstances, lifestyle, love, patience, marriage, viruses, postage stamps, Facebook friends, the future, strategies, tactics, attention spans, attitudes, technology, arrival times, departure gates, passwords, headlines, husbands, wives, allergies, phone numbers, flavor of the month, notes, chords, words, retirement age, schedules, blood pressure, how often and where in the house you have sex, insurance premiums, facts, perspective and chameleons.

The menu options, the odometer, interest rates, the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq, the Nikkei index, climate, popularity, minimum cooking time in higher elevations, promises, taste buds, influences, blood alcohol level, cells, tissue, the mean, the mode, bell curves, rank order, the lies we tell ourselves, the punch lines of “walks into a bar” jokes, the ozone layer, DNA, the score, who holds the door open, baby teeth, ambition,  the question, the answer, the face in the mirror, traffic lights, moods, bottom lines, lines in the sand, menopause, manopause, the summer shade, the winter blues, cable programming, nose hair, your phone’s operating system, favorite songs, the spiciness of hot wings, the Dollar against the Yen, adolescent behavior, clouds, the perfect lure, habits, facial expressions, maturity, the 24 hour news cycle, who’s up, who’s down, the distance of any printed word from the end of your nose and lane closures on I-65.

How many times you get up to pee at night, decimal points in your checking account, guitar strings, direction, degree, miles per gallon, fat rolls per calorie, neighborhoods, , cholesterol level, opinions, the value of a downloaded song, goals, your personal cool factor, destinations, detours, obstacles, the Powerball number, bartenders, you’re memory of a good time, oil every 3,000 miles, your flat rate cell phone bill, a tooth’s sensitivity to cold, the meaning of a rainbow,  the Berlin Wall, Perestroika, the shape of a river, the arc of one’s personal fortune, love, friendship, your best laid plans, a little at a time, all at once, when you least expect it, the moon, the sun, the stars, the world, life, death and yes, even  bands……….CHANGE.

Mark Elliott – Runaway Home
“It’s The Music That Makes Us Smile”


Double Ranbow


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