Panoramic-Americana: The List

Last week we rolled out our own, self-proclaimed genre, as well as making our first attempt at defining what it means.  Panoramic-Americana is shaping up to be as much of a life philosophy and lifestyle as it is a musical description.  This week, we endeavor to give you real life examples of what we think best describes Panoramic-Americana. Here’s the list… far.

  • Playing songs for an Amish family and realizing for the kids, it’s their first experience with live music
  • In return for the music, we’re taken for an Amish buggy ride and we got to drive
  • Walking in an ice-cold mountain river and almost stepping on an actual metal Beaver trap
  • Being a Jared’s Keeper – playing a part in preventing youth suicide
  • Bending over and having my belt snap and fall off on-stage – did not go unnoticed
  • Seeing a picture of an actual Seminole Indian in a museum in Florida, looking remarkably like Neil Diamond
  • Walking out of your hotel room on a Tuesday morning, right across the street from a store called, “Tuesday Morning.”
  • Realizing the duct tape on the band van window is vibrating in the same key as most of the songs on the radio
  • Advertising our next gig by writing “Runaway Home plays Amevida Coffee” in the Gulf Coast sand
  • Eating Alligator on a stick in Louisiana and thinking that it tastes a lot like chicken
  • Holding a live chicken during an album photo shoot and lying to it about me being a vegetarian
  • Playing an old pump organ in the remnants of a 19th. Century opera house
  • Rest area snowball fights
  • Finding a McDonald’s drive-in window open in the middle of nowhere, at 2am.
  • Remarking that Big Macs, like the ozone layer and our net income, is smaller than they used to be
  • Walking a random railroad track through the Adirondack Mountains
  • Discovering that anything over an 8-hour drive, is just one long, extra 5 minutes
  • Watching a black cat walk across our stage during sound check
  • Drinking with old friends in a Connecticut bar that was set on fire by the British in 1777
  • Performing in front of 100 kindergartners at 8:30 in the morning, while suffering from food poisoning
  • Wearing a pink bra while performing for a breast cancer charity
  • Drinking wine slushies
  • Reminded that bad press is better than no press
  • Eating a road lunch in Ohio and spotting the sheet music to the Steve Weisberg tune, “It’s Up To You,” hanging on the wall
  • Driving past the birthplace of the Life Saver
  • Having a 7-year-old randomly hop up on stage and clog his cowboy boots off while we burned through the fiddle tune, “Salt Creek.”
  • Getting to hold a real snake and a fake raccoon after our gig at the Wilderness Station
  • Seeing the Swiss Alps while driving through Texas in the middle of the night
  • Visiting an Amish Schoolhouse
  • Making and laughing uncontrollably at completely inappropriate jokes…….a lot
  •  Listening to John Denver…….a lot
  • Being surrounded by metal cans, hanging off of trees, collecting maple syrup
  • Life lessons and wicked concoctions from “Fanny.”
  • Funnel Cake, Beer and rides that turn you upside down
  • The metamorphosis of strangers to fans to friends to family
  • Life, Love, and the pursuit of paradise…………

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